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Medical Fetishes I
by Laural Wood, R.n.m.N (Registered "No Mercy" Nursey!)
May 1999

At some point in our childhood, we all played nurse or doctor… for those very few who may not have… poor you! That was the premier of all prime opportunities to peek at Little Sally's who-who or Joey's thinger and get away with doing some rather advanced forms of innocent sexual perversions! As long as Sally or Joey didn't tell anyone else, the "sessions" probably continued for weeks and months and maybe longer, assuming the intrigue and excitement held their attention long enough! Otherwise, it was off to the tree fort, riding the banana seat bike or playing with G.I. Joe or Barbie.

So, there it was! The beginning of that fetish, that compulsive desire to explore another in ways that we innately knew was not the norm, but we somehow didn't care! If allowed, we would have continued exploring it as we grew older, but unfortunately, the hormonal imbalance of adolescence forced us into an awkward self-consciousness. We could hardly be brave enough to ask a date if we could tie them up and insert medical instruments into them "'cause it's fun!", when we were too afraid to hold a hand or make the first attempt at a kiss! Hence, we decide to stuff our fetish back down into that shadow area of our psyche and only allow it out while alone and masturbating.

Now, we are adults. Free to make decisions of our own; free to be who we want to be. And amazingly, we discover that we are not alone in the fetish world! We realize that our little dark secret is similar to the little dark secret of hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of others! Yippee! We explore other fetishes. We find groups and societies dedicated to nothing but pure fetish fun! We see how popular and almost trendy it's become to be "into S&M", bombarded by cigarette, vodka, and even breath mint ads with whips and black boots. Yet, we still feel like the Lone Ranger, because no one is talking about medical fetishes! Yes, we find glimpses of it on the web, but we know pics, jpg's and gif's of nurses with their pussy or tits exposed is NOT medical fetish. Europe and Japan offer a foray of tantalizing pictures, posed superbly by professional fetish photographers, but we still don't get to the meat (…or the heat!) of the matter!

The medical (clinic, as they say in Europe) scene has long been an underground subject. Pulling it out of its underground obscurity is a growing faction of fetish medical enthusiasts. Evidence of this is everywhere! Latex and PVC designed nurses outfits, the imagery laid out in every form of media, from J-F Soyez's photography to Soryama's lithographs as well as the countless webpages, claiming to have the best in medical fetish! However, writings on the subject are very scarce. Our need for knowledge and an intelligent approach to this fetish is blatantly deficient.

Therefore, in this article, and future articles, we will delve into the world of clinical, medical fetishes. We will look at the history of medical fetish play, unveiling the secrets Grandma or Great Granddad would never divulge! After all, what fantasies do you think were swimming around the heads of those wounded soldiers as Florence Nightingale gave them a sponge bath? Then, if we dare, we will attempt to analyze the psychology of medical play. Why do we get a kick out of this stuff in the first place? Another article on the "how-to" of safety and preparation for this sort of play, explains the need for education as a precursor to preventing accidents! We will also list the terminology and explanations of use of each unique instrument from both their actual medical uses to their use in fetish play. And we will demonstrate the methodology and instructional advice for medical play beginning with the basics for getting started, including the complete doctor bag tools, et al.

Our desire to educate, enlighten and encourage safe, sane and consensual medical scene play is paramount! Any of the information gathered, translated and regurgitated here is purely for those reasons. Individual adults taking on the right to act out their fetishism or fantasy under his/her own free will, do so with complete and sole responsibility. We can only underscore, again, do it with utmost respect, safety, complete information and a genuine understanding of the role to be played out.


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