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Cupping and Fire Cupping

It is the cupping treatment which is very common in many Oriental homes. It started with using the simple horns and the bamboo cups before the metal and the glass cups were developed. Fire was used to create the vacuum in the cups.  Today, a hand-held pump is used to extract the air from the valve-fitted cups to create the vacuum. In the BDSM scene it is a sensual ritual and exciting, stimulating sensation to various parts of the body!

Cupping Technique

There are two types of cups here --traditional and vacuum. Traditional cups are the ones that need some kind of fire to create a vacuum while the vacuum cups (a newer type) have a pump so that no fire is needed.  This kind of suction is more controllable. There are about four sizes of cups. Select the right size for the anatomical area you wish to cup -- small for the neck, etc. The small sizes seem to get better suction and therefore darker color (hickie type bruises).

Traditional Cups - Fire

First, cover the treatment area lightly with Wet Massage Oil or any kind of slippery lube or massage oil. Second, cover the edge of the cups because you will want to move the cups around and a slippery surface is needed. Also, this gives a better seal, and makes removing the cups easier.

There are a couple of different ways to create suction by fire. One is to soak a cotton ball in alcohol, hold it with forceps, light it, stick it into the cup for a few seconds, remove, then quickly place the fire cup on the skin. Or just hold a candle or lighter under the cup until it is very warm and then quickly place it on the skin. Hold the cup so its mouth opening is down.  As the cup cools the skin will suck up into the cup! The suction should hold the fire cup in place. Check by lightly tugging at the cup.

Be careful not to leave cotton stick in cup too long as this will cause a hot cup and could burn the person. Conversely, if cotton stick is not left in long enough, suction will not occur and cup will fall off when tugged gently. Practice will yield desired results, and it is easier to do than it may sound. 

To remove, let air into cup by holding it in the left hand and pressing the skin at the rim of the jar with the right. You may need to gently slide your pressing finger down and under the rim in order to break the seal. The cup should then pop off.

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Traditional Cups - Pump (Vacuum)

Here, we use the same "air loss - suction" concept, except that we use a hand pump to create the vacuum rather than a flame!  The hand pump used with plastic (or glass) cups with valves is usually easier for anyone to handle. Again, put the lube on the patient, then place the cup on the right spot. Attach the pump to the vacuum cup and pull up, evacuating the air.

It is easy to adjust the amount of suction required and if there is any pain, you can quickly reduce the suction by releasing the nipple lock, which will also let you remove the cup completely.    

 To use, lift up the "knob" on top of each cup before use. Then slide the plunger over the top of the cup, place the cup on the desired location on the body, and pump the plunger with a few strokes. This will draw out the oxygen in the cup and pull the underlying skin up into the cup. It is a very quick and effective device.

The end result is a deep dark purple coloration of the skin, looking like a bruise. Sometimes, only a light red coloration will appear, and sometimes, the skin will appear so dark purple it looks almost black!

Cups should be retained in place from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the strength of suction.  Especially in hot weather, or when cupping over shallow flesh, the duration of treatment should not be too long. Occasionally, the cups pop off for no apparent reason. If the suction was good in the first place, then generally this is an indication that suction is not needed in that place, or there  was too much body hair for the cup to hold. It is also possible for the cup to remain in place and still be unnecessary, and if so, no redness or bruising will occur. Bruises occur under the cups. It will also be ineffective over areas with irregular body angles, where the muscles are thin, the skin is not level or where there is a lot of body hair.

To remove the plastic (or glass) vacuum cups, you can either slide a finger under the cup, or pull up on the black knob on top of the cup, which breaks the suction. After removing the cups do not cover the area with any products, and carefully wipe the lube off. Even though the spots look very painful, they are not. The color will go away in about 24 hours. Some of the very dark areas take a few days to disappear. A feeling of warmth is felt first, then heat as the blood comes to the surface. The surface can become rough and bumpy.  Again, there should be no pain, but it will feel "weird".
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Over the decades, the vacuum pumping method of cupping has evolved into genital enhancement such as for penis, clitoris, labia and nipple enlargement.   

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Compiled and edited by with thanks to The Deviants Dictionary and the BDSM f.a.q. list for this info!

Basic BDSM credo: Safe, Sane and Consensual!

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